Course Information

  • Who should take this course?

    This course includes everything you will ever need to switch from selling digitals to personal sales and is meant for businesses at all levels.

  • Your Investment

    One time payment of $199

  • Class Duration

    This self paced course includes 16 hours of video lessons, worksheets and templates taught by Meredith Ryncarz.

What you will learn:

  • How to switch to IPS and how to flow the IPS session

  • What products to sell and how to price them

  • How to talk with your client so they understand the sales process

  • Email templates and checklists to help you through the process

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Welcome to the Guide to Wedding IPS Course

  • 2

    Section 1- Choosing a Space and Product Samples

    • Section 1- IPS Location and Products

    • Section 1- Suggested Samples

  • 3

    Section 2- Pricing

    • Section 2- Package Pricing

    • Section 2- IPS Calculator

  • 4

    Section 3- Prepping New Clients for IPS

    • Section3- Prepping new clients for IPS Session

  • 5

    Section 4 - IPS Flow

    • Section 4 - IPS Workflow

  • 6

    Section 5- Post IPS Flow

    • Section5- Post IPS Flow

  • 7

    Section 6- Transitioning to IPS

    • Section6 - Transitioning Current Clients to IPS

  • 8

    Section 7- Marketing IPS

    • Section 7- Marketing for IPS

  • 9

    Section 8- Studio Policies and Objections

    • Section 8 - Studio Policies and Common Objections from Clients

  • 10

    Section 9- In Person VS. Remote

    • Section 9- In Person vs. Remote IPS

  • 11

    Section 10- N-Vu Features

    • Section 10- N-VU Features

  • 12

    Additional Materials

    • Tech Tools We Use

    • Wedding Pricing Calculator

  • 13

    What is next?

    • What to do After Completing the Course...

Your Instructor

Founder of The Restart Specialist & Meredith Ryncarz Photography

Meredith Ryncarz

Meredith Ryncarz is a former college art professor turned destination wedding photographer. Recently named one of the top photographers in the south by South Magazine, her work can be seen in Forbes, The New York Times, and Southern Living. As a military spouse, Meredith has crafted a business that is not situated in one regional market but rather is mobile to suit the lifestyle of her family, allowing her to restart her business multiple times over the past decade.

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