N-Vu is the solution for today's photographer

All the tools you need in one place

  • Proofing Galleries

    Stunningly beautiful and branded proofing galleries allow you to showcase your work in a modern and customized way. Sell prints, albums, and digital products.

  • Professional Products and Imaging Services

    Fulfill your client orders and offer high quality products from N-Vu, part of the H&H Color Lab family of companies, or fulfill manually through the lab of your choice. You have compete control.

  • In-Person Sales Tools

    Add the power of In-Person sales to your online proofing galleries. Give clients the ability to view framed prints and wraps on their walls.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Introduction

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  • 2

    Getting Started With N-Vu

    • 1-Admin Overview

    • 2-How to Create Your First Event

    • 3-Creating Your First IPS Session

    • 4-How to Create Your First Cient Gallery

    • 5-How to Create and Show Wall Collections in Room-Vu

    • 6-Print Package Setup Tips

    • 7-Setting Up and Using N-Vu Gallery Presets

    • 8-How To Set Up IPS Dual-Vu In Your Studio

    • 9-Culling for IPS

    • 10-Order Fulfillment

    • 11-Ordering Products

  • 3

    Next Steps...

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